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JSTOR logo drawing

Sign painter, Leslie Johnson, meticulously hand-paints the iconic JSTOR logo onto a sleek black board in this video. This intro was used in a series of engaging webinars and tutorials, providing an eye-catching introduction to the educational content.

Concept + direction . Liza Pagano
Sign painter . Leslie Johnson

ITHAKA Hackathon
The highly anticipated annual ITHAKA hackathon provides a unique opportunity for the entire organization to set aside routine tasks and fully immerse themselves in the manifestation of their innovative ideas. This video encapsulates the vibrant energy and creative spirit of this exciting event.

Concept + direction . Liza Pagano
Filming . Motion Parade


JSTOR Access in Prisons
Collaborating with a talented incarcerated artist, this  video sheds light on the complex hurdles and remarkable possibilities of delivering digital library access to learners behind bars. An insightful exploration of a crucial issue in education.

Direction . Liza Pagano
Drawings . Daniel Logan
Animation . Octavio Fenech


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