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I’m the creative director at JSTOR, a digital library with a mission to improve access to education for people around the world. I focus on developing foundational stories that bring depth and meaning to our work. My team oversees all brand strategy, design, and content, delivering solutions that delight and spark inspiration for learners. 

I’ve studied design my whole life—I graduated from Parsons School of Design, and continued learning in my many roles, including design director in NYC’s Silicon Alley during the dot-com boom, art director for The Asia Society, and senior designer for HBO and Razorfish. The link to all these experiences has been my love of challenging conventions and making things new. 


I believe that collaboration is the key to great work. I strive for excellence in myself and my teammates by aligning around a shared vision, building on each other's strengths, and addressing challenges with honesty and kindness–enabling us to excel. I enjoy being a leader, but not as much as being part of a great team.


My love of design goes beyond my work. I have a fondness for wabi-sabi philosophy, brutalist architecture, and a well-worn river stone. In my spare time I ride my bike all over my hometown of New York City, hoping to discover that one special block I’ve never seen before… and I always do.

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