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JSTOR homepage redesign

Led a team of designers, content strategists, developers and researchers to create the new JSTOR homepage.

The homepage redesign focused on creating a rich image experience to draw users into the deep archives of content and resources available for their research.

Product designer: Kelsey Trabue 

Content strategist: Giovanni Garcia

Old homepage

Redesigned homepage

JSTOR-home - rightscrollingimage.gif

Homepage content strategy


What a user can learn in 10 seconds

JSTOR is a digital library with a diverse range of content I can access. I can find what I need for my research.


What a user can learn in 30 seconds

I can use a combination of primary and secondary sources along with tools to find, discover, and organize content to make my research deeper and my work easier. There is an access option for my particular situation.

User feedback

“Much better design and appealing connections. Possible new links of discovery and research which is always great. For me, it seems quite good”

“I’m thinking, ‘Wow! Imagery to match my film research. Photos I didn’t have access to or even knew existed.’”

“It’s simple, but looks professional. it gives me “education” vibes, like whatever i'm about to read on this site, is going to shape my thoughts for years to come.”

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